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I found an interesting blog of a 5 years old girl..

27 Aug

Here’s a momma and daughter blog.. I love to find a momma who love to play with her daughter. Check their blog here

Mika is a very creative 5,5 years old girl, i love her worksss!


selamat Hari Kemerdekaan, Negeriku…

17 Aug

welcoming Ramadhan

11 Aug

Dear kiddos all over the world,

the month of Ramadhan is here!

animals and their babies

1 Aug

Hai adik-adik,

Mari kita menyimak gambar binatang-binatang 🙂

We can see animal and their baby here. Baby animals got their own name, check it out!

Please click on the picture for a larger size.

Images are taken from many sources in google. I am so thankful for everyone whom made it.